In His Hand
In His Hand

In His Hand

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I drew this originally for my sister, who's daughter was born prematurely. This drawing represents a child struggling for life, being held continuously in Christ's hands, his love, and light comforting them and giving them strength. It represents our little ones, who are born already back in their spiritual home, or who are born clinging to life with a strength that surpasses their fragile frame. Our children suffer so much, and we ache to take pain away.. But we can't. We are powerless. God isn't, but he too suffers when we suffer, as we do for our children. He aches when we ache, but knows that we must go through trials as a part of the Plan of Salvation. However Christ always holds us in his hands to comfort, guide, and give us strength. We are never alone. At times we may fall ill, mentally, physically, spiritually or however else, but Christ will always be there. He loves us, and he will never leave us. No matter how far gone we feel we are, we are in Christ's hands. We are in his arms, and he loves us so much he sacrificed his life, so we would not have these trials forever. He sacrificed so we would have hope, no matter how dire it gets. And just like this little infant, he can see a future bright for us. He knows that we have so much potential and so much to give. It will be hard and a mighty, mighty battle, but we will be able to overcome. And so, this small child, my niece, represents a struggle we all have, and Christ will always hold us, no matter how sickly we are or how much we don't think we can go on, and never let go.

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