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This drawing is meant to represent eternal family. The dragon represent us, with the mother and father look vastly different from each other, representing that they come from different backgrounds, different hardships and stories, and yet still love each other. One can fly, one cannot, they have different talents and capabilities and complement each other for it. The child is a mixture of the two. Whether biologically this little one is theirs or not, I drew it this way to represent the influence the parents have to how it will grow and mature, for better or for worse. With the temple as the center point and Christ leading the way, happiness will be found, and this family of dragons represents us and the joy and peace we can find inside the walls of God's house. a colorful print of a watercolor painting of the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Mormon) City Center Provo Temple, with three dragons on top. to are adults, nuzzling, one is feathered and golden brown with wings, the other is lizard like, green, with no wings. at their tails on the right is a baby dragon, a mixture of the two with green and brown, scales and wings, attacking on of their tails

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