A Child's Inner Adult
A Child's Inner Adult

A Child's Inner Adult

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We all had fantasies in our head of who we would be when we grew up, with no limit to stop our imagination. The idealized, fantasy adult of a child often doesn't match reality. They may have wings, they may have tails. They may be purple, or blue, or green. They may not be human at all, but fairy, or dinosaur. And you know what? Most young children don’t care if their adult body is thick or thin. It’s only as we grow older that we wish for clear skin, thin body, curves or muscles, depending. So in the spirit of what children care about, I didn’t draw the ideal body, I drew one that was healthy, and happy, and full of joy. I hope this piece inspires you to remember what your childhood dreams were, and how little certain things that now consume our life mattered to us then. Bring back that whimsical mindset, and look at life with the joy of a child.

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