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Who I am and My Passion for Art

I am a bisexual mental illness survivor, an artist, a mom, a wife, and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I've struggled with mental illness for 15 of my 25 years. Through the years I've dealt with suicidal ideations and self-harm, ending up being diagnosed with 4 different mental illnesses. Through it all, there were things that helped me continue fighting. My art was always a sure one, it helped me understand myself. My religion has given me hope, hope that there is a purpose to pain. And the thoughts that my struggle could become a guide to others suffering after me was worth fighting for. I felt alone many times, but existing for others, including my family, was enough. Now i take my art, my pain, and my joy and my hope, and I am turning it around to show to the world there is beauty even in filth.

Art has been my freedom since a child, the place I could turn to when I felt my emotions go numb from depression. It's how I could explain what I was thinking. I love art, and I want to show others the joy in it. 

I want to show that there is the magical in the mundane, joy in the ordinary. I want to bear my testimony and bring hope and light into other people's lives.  

I have struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts and mental illness most of my life, and I know that looking at something ordinary and being able to see something extraordinary can be truly a gift.  

One of the only things that kept me going in my darkest moments was knowing that maybe, just maybe, these experiences would allow me to better understand someone else and give light to their darkness. 

...I know my artwork is a little, unique, in subject matter. Not many people combine fantasy and mental health and religion from what I have seen. But those are things that have shaped me into who I am today, and I can't imagine expressing emotion in my artwork without them. Thank you for showing interest in my artwork, that alone brings me such joy. Thank you.

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